Multi-layer fireproof glass

Multi-layer fireproof glass

It is made up of two layers of glass and laminated fireproof glue. It has refractory and complete heat insulation type A fireproof glass, which has good sound insulation, good heat insulation and high transparency.
It can be kept in flame at 1000 °C for 30~120 minutes without bursting, effectively preventing the spread of flame smoke.

 Indoor push/cross pull/fixed window, fire partition, ceiling, floor, curtain wall, smoke barrier.



Because the fireproof glue will foam when it is hot, it is not recommended for exterior walls with direct sunlight. It is often used for indoor fireproof partitions, which can be fireproof and heat insulation.

It can also have a certain sound insulation effect. After the glass is formed, it cannot be cut, drilled or edged.

In the event of fire in the room, high-strength fire-resistant glass is effective against fire and smoke intrusion, ensuring indoor life and financial security.

thickness(mm) Fire resistance time(min) weight(KG/SQ) Fire resistance temperature(oC) Average temperature of backfire surface after heat insulation(oC) Sound insulation(dB)
15 30 30 900   35
19 45 35 939 100 35
23 54 40 1000 140 45
26 72 45 1017 120 55
32 90 52 1060 140 60
45 180 52 1113 129 60


Space recommended for fireproof glass: push-out windows, cross-span windows, and fixed windows for exterior walls. (can be used in non-heat-resistant spaces)