Business Goal

Business Goal

Chew-Long provides fireproof glass are both excellent quality and reasonable in price.


The main business in Chew-Long :

  1. Export/Inport high quality fireproof glass.
  2. Manufacture patented fireproof hardware components.
  3. Sales and after sales services department.
  4. Improve the market's multiple choices for domestic fire doors, fire windows, and firewalls


Fireproof glass products imported by the company:

Multi-layer fireproof glass (with heat resistance), single-layer fireproof glass, etc.

Its fire performance has been approved by the Construction Department of the Ministry of the Interior for the "New Construction, New Technology, New Equipment and New Materials".


The company's patented fire safety hardware research and development department,

Through the most professional design and quality requirements, it will also be able to improve the efficiency and practicality of domestic building fireproof parts.